Our insights aim to look at the deeper meaning behind the creative process and offer advice on some of the tough questions surrounding the illustration industry.


Mural painting with Dave Bain

Posted: 24th November 2020 | 4 minute read

Bristol-based illustrator Dave Bain teamed up with fellow artist David J McMillan, over lock-down, to work on a brand new large-scale mural illustration, which they then painted on the side of a house.

We asked Dave about working collaboratively, his top mural painting tips, including how on earth you accurately scale up an illustration...

An interview with David Biskup

Posted: 29th September 2020 | 7 minute read

David Biskup's new book is the story of a young couple acclimatising to a new life of disability and chronic illness after a routine medical procedure goes horribly wrong. Written and illustrated from David and his fiancee's own experiences, at a time when other couples might usually have been considering mortgages and marriage.

We caught up with David to ask him a bit more about the book and how he uses his voice as an illustrator to help others....


Creating an open conversation around the creative process 

Posted: 20th September 2020 | 3 minute read

At Just Us we want to create more of an applied understanding of what it means to be a creative in an often under valued industry. For those practicing, we want to offer a place to discuss, learn and grow as a designer, creative or illustrator...

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