We offer a dedicated place for illustration; to showcase, review, discuss & learn

The Just Us Collective started in 2008, aiming to provide undergraduates with the facilities and opportunity to showcase their work.

One of our objectives was to challenge the elitism and exclusivity that we felt surrounded art and design blogs at the time. We believed that the spotlight was too often given to professionals, leaving newly emerging talent in the dark. Rather than struggle to persuade blog publishers that our work was worthy of their audiences, we decided to build a platform of our own. 

In our first year, we showcased undergraduate work online, set live projects and put on an end-of-year show at the KK Outlet in London. To us, it was a complete success. While we take no credit for the incredible talents of the 40+ illustration and graphic design students we worked with, we provided the vehicle that transported their work to the viewing public, and to those decision making individuals that make careers happen. Since then, we have gone on to collaborate with various artists and galleries, and we’ve hosted several impressive exhibitions.

Moving forward, we’re focusing our attention on illustration, students and professionals alike; to give an in-depth insight into the discipline and what it means to be a practitioner in an often assumed and undervalued industry. We offer a place for showcasing, review, discussion, and learning. We want to help you grow as a visual communicator, and to be as good as you want to be.

About the curators


With a decade of industry experience – both agency side and in-house, Mark Luke Grant's background spans multiple disciplines; having worked with clients such as Red Bull, Verizon, Magic Leap, Shazam, Sky Mark now works as a freelance designer and illustrator in his own studio in Shoreditch, London.


Drew Turner is an Illustrator, interdisciplinary creative and PhD Researcher. Drew’s academic interests reside in authorial illustration with a focus on style, identity and sequential narrative. He’s worked for a range of clients including K2, Urban Outfitters, Topshop & Adidas, on a variety of projects. Drew now lives in Devon, where he works as both a senior creative and doctoral student.

Our Alumni

Previous members of the Just Us Collective have gone on to become prolific artists, here’s a list of some of those folks:

Ben Aslett
Thomas Austin
Joel Avery
Jamie Avis
Ellie Bacon
James Baily
Evgenia Barinova
Ross Becker
Abigail Bell
Jas Bhachu
David Biskup
Tatiana Boyko
Jack Butcher
Rory Cahill
Ben Cain
Sam Caldwell
Rowan Caney
Louis Carter
Kimberley Chan
John Chapman
Jordan Chatwin
Simon Cheadle
Sean Clarke

Alan Clarkson
Nick Cocozza
Ry Coleman
Simon Cook
Andy Cooke
Thomas Coombes
Kate Copeland
Jenny Cox
Robert Cross
Ashley D’souza
Jessie Douglas
Sophie Dutton
Barbera Dziadosa
Tom Edwards
Alex Farrall
Luke Fenech
Eurico Sa Fernandes
Alice Ferrow
Sally Finnigan
James Fisher
Archie Fitzgerald
Lucy Freegard
James Froggatt

Amber Lily Fryer
Alice Gabb
Owen Gatley
Roxanne Gatt
Tim George
David Gibson
Sophie Glover
Dylan Glynn
Cristina Florit Gomila
Miles Gould
Josh Greet
Richard Grey
Adam Hancher
Amy Harris
William Harvey
Grace Helmer
Evelyn Hewitt
William Hibberd
Joe Hinder
Jack Hudson
Shaun Hughes
Gareth Hughes
Lauren Humphrey

Stephanie Ireland
Aja Ireland
Richard Jarrett
Luke Jinks
Jamie Johnson
Jamie Jones
Andrew Joyce
Tom Keegan
Phil Kiel
Mariana Labao
Emma Lacey
Justin Lamb
Nina Lilliebjerg
Joe Lillington
Anna Lincoln
Tom Lovell
Andres Lozano
Myles Lucas
Aneeka Makwana
Charlene Man
Craig Matchett
Jack Maxwell
David Mcallister

Josh Mckenna
Mella McKeown
Ella Mclean
Masaki Miwa
Houman Momtazian
Alys Mordecai
Mateusz Napieralski
James O'Connell
Jordan O’Brien
Allie Oldfield
Danny Osborne
Sibley & Page
Barnie Page
Michael Parkin
Carl Partridge
Charlotte Peys
Alexander Prior
Catkin Pritchard
Thomas Rees
Maisie Violet Rees
Emily Reynolds
Peter Rhodes
Aidan Saunders

Pablo Jones Soler
Murray Somerville
Luke Sully
Emily Tan
Soju Tanaka
Ruby Taylor
Jack Teagle
Hannah Tolson
Sam Tomlins
Joseph Vass
Sam Walker
Al White
Matt Whiteley
Naomi Wilkinson
Daniel Jamie Williams
Peter Willis
Augustus Winter
Tom Wood
Kendall Wright
Simon Zinn

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